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Ten Courses at Addisons at the Grand del Mar San Diego


Addison at the Grand del Mar

Southern California’s only Five-Star/Five Diamond restaurant.Image

This restaurant is FANCY.  Not nice steak place. Not just white table cloths.  I mean super chef uber fancy.    There’s no salt or pepper on the table because everything is already perfectly seasoned as it should be.   Think French Laundry.  Think Charlie Trotter.  Celebrating the Dr Fancy Birthday Dinner we did a tasting menu chosen and created entirely by Chef.

I have no idea who Chef is but these Californians spoke of him in hushed tones. Meanwhile Dr Fancy is my lovely funny hard working medical mission super hero anesthesiologist sister who has the energy, imagination, playfulness and energy to just exactly when the moment inspires make champagne appear or when the occasion demands brings into being terrific weekends!

For the price of a substantial car payment on a really nice car we held foodie court in a gigantic corner booth of Addison’s and were served ten courses over three hours.  Via ballet service which means the plates are placed in front of all guests at the same time in a silent – tada!  This type of wait service can be very elegant with a foursome or more and is very posh but when it’s bestowed upon two irreverent sisters it is just multiple opportunities to tease the staff!  PS- no one thinks its funny if you keep asking what the calves name was!

So here’s the menu.

Amuse Bouche

Verjus Consomme with Golden Raisins and Champagne Grapes

This was a eight inch in diameter plate/bowl with a two inch depression in the middle holding a quarter cup of green grape juice with four golden raisins and six champagne grapes floating in it. No they will not serve it by someone in a California raisin costume next time nor will they sing “I heard it through the Grapevine” while they serve it.   Yes delish and very bright and a beautiful palate cleanser but I feel for the cheflings who had to peel the grapes to get the grape juice!  Not a juice box.

First Course

Kona Kampachi with Avocado, Caviar and Lemon

Kona Kampachi is the ‘fois gras of the sea”  Who knew? It put any sushi I have ever had to shame and each of the three baby fish pieces were nestled in this creamy deliciousness of creamy thick rich deliciousness with some artful pyramids of caviar crowned with a touch of gold leaf.  First course = gold leaf. Bring it.

Second Course

Gorgeorongeroner …

Ok I got that name wrong but it was a little round poof of puff pasty like choux dough mixed with mascarpone cheese and sherry.  What a delightful little doughy cheesey fancy mouthful.   Yes, a mouthful l – we were given delightfully strict instructions to eat in one bite – to avoid any possibility of staining our gowns!  I think my Kardashian inspired flow-y for the food overload maxi dress could handle a mishap but I have rarely needed permission to eat to big a bit of dough.

Third Course

Alaskan King Crab

Forget crab with a K and thank you to whoever risked his Deadliest Catch existent to bring me these two beautiful strips of crab and thank you to whoever poached them in butter!

Fourth Course

Salmon Rot Aug Buerre Doux

There were two bowls one holding a cut of salmon and a matching much smaller bowl holding elegantly carved fruits like Asian pear -the uninitiated might call them melon balls but they were much fancier and when you paired (or pear-ed if you will) the fruits with the salmon it brightened the salmon taste.

Fifth Course

Ris de Veau

Sweet breads!  Crispy on the outside and brainy on the inside – this is one delicious way to consume baby calf!   Move over, Anthony Hopkins – I am a brainiac!  There was some kind of perfectly prepared bed of capers. At this point the sides are becoming fuzzy in my remembrance.  I have downed a Pomegranate martini served to to me by a very handsome person I called Tray Man because he served things on a tray.  He seemed delighted however the guy with the hollow loop cufflinks which I observed could not be reworked into bikini ornaments because your hip fat would get imprints did not think I was funny and just poured that Sauvignon Blanc and ran.

Sixth Course

Glazed Wagyu of Short Rib

Braised for 36 hours – 34 being short and 37 woefully too long I imagine. Beautiful. Wagyu beef comes from very special cows that I imagine to be raised in very special fields while maidens sing them folk songs and swarthy stable boys massage their sides so that the meat they provide upon the plate is so tender.  This course came with this dark glossy thick sauce that is poured by two more servers after the two plate servers actually serve the plate! That’s a lot of staff for three ounces of beef.  Actually beef so delish well worth the fuss!

Seventh Course

Artisian Cheese Course

You have my attention when any kind of cart is rolled my way.  The desert cart being the most obvious of course but a Caesar salad set up or guacamole pestle on wheels gets me going, too.   Admittedly, I am particularly nose twitchingly moustastically excited to see a cheese tray.   These seven cheese were gloriously presented on chilled marble under museum quality glass and the handsome and restrained waiter was able to give a small descriptive rendition of each cheese and its history while not in iambic pentameter I thought the cheese introductions had a certain lilt however – full disclosure I was on my second delish and crisp Sauvignon Blanc so everything was sounding very good.  Seven tiny bits of cheese – classic, creamy, hard, aged, veined and blue – delish

Eighth Course

Raspberry Sorbet

How do they get the sorbet perfectly shaped like a berry little three dimensional diamond?  I bet that all raspberries secretly hope to become sorbet.   My palate is cleansed and thrilled.

Ninth Course

Crème Fraiche with Glazed apricots and rose

All I can recall is a perfect tiny edible baby pink rose petal and the perfect texture of the teeny bits of glazed apricots.

Tenth Course

Brownie a la Mode Sour Cherry Marmalade

A final delish disk of perfect chocolate brownie served on a chilled thick glass plate dotted with  magical sour cherry almost liquid almost solid globes which were of course the deepest and prettiest scarlet color.

The meal ended with a printed menu signed by the chef, a small revisit to a sisterly debate over a stolen chocolate torte from a past magnificent dinner then a black sedan back to the main hotel and hot tub dip with a Night Night Amstel Light and a breakfast the next day of the chocolate covered Oreo cookies the Grand del Mar leaves in lieu of mints.

Yes, please!

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