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NYE with the Philadelphia Mummers


mummers parade

What’s a Mummer? After my first New Year’s Day Mummer’s Parade on January 1, 2013 I am still a little unclear but I had a ton of fun! A Philadelphia tradition since 1901 the Mummer’s Parade is every January 1 10Am to 6PM with 10,000 marchers.

Its mostly men some families some children and their costumes are so elaborate! Its a family tradition among South Philadelphians. Each ‘act’ is well rehearsed but the pace of the parade is a little slow. There are a few different sections of the parade; the Comics go first I think they are drunk from the night before, the Fancies with the best costumes, the String Bands are a group in which 80 percent play a string instrument — I saw 5 man sized cello players in fluffy fluffy fancy chick costumes and Fancy Strings
The costumes on EVERY person is incredible and just regular South Philly folk getting their costume on to kick off the new year…

The best advice I heard about the Mummers was from my friend JLS … Start early. These people are South Philly born and bred in Old School Vegas costumes -get prepared – everyone will do the Mummers Strut ….which is just white drunk people style marching!  Happy New Year!

I mustache more questions about these Mummers – see definition below

Mummers are truckers and longshoremen and businessmen and bookkeepers and everyday people who work hard at their day jobs. Membership means a year-round commitment. They raise money for their club, come up with themes, design and build costumes, props and floats, and practice, practice, and practice. A mummers club is a social club. Club members are a tight-knit group who treat fellow members like family. Members attend and participate in events throughout the year. There are softball leagues, banquets, fund-raisers, and other events. Many clubs perform at various functions throughout the year and are available for hire.

From the South Philly Vikings  n

This fact makes me want to host a Mummers vs Phanatic Dance Off on the Rocky Steps for January 1, 2014!

Patriotic Irish Frog Attack Hug

You know I like to be prepared!

You know I like to be prepared! This kind of event demands beer drinking

iphone2 016

A well deserved excellent – and warm – vantage point

iphone2 020

You gotta furry animal hat. I gotta furry animal hat. Let’s fall in love!


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