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My head in the White Cloud – a tale of a toilet paper party



White Cloud was one of the sponsors of the BlogHer Conference and as a long time Event Babe I was very impressed with their party. Seems White Cloud is the Cadillac of Toilet Paper.

They took over a small boring bar at the conference Hotel and were giving lady bloggers complimentary spa treatments. The venue was flooded with dry ice white ‘clouds’ and the walls were artistically stuck with TP. As I walked in the hostess in a Mad Men inspired dress made of creatively crinkled offered a tray and in a very sultry voice whispered ‘welcome to cocktails in the clouds?”

Model making toilet paper look good.

Model making toilet paper look good.

Quick etymology of the history of the word toilet … it has nothing to do with letting one’s self toil away..

toilet (n.) from Dictionary.com1530s, “cover or bag for clothes,” from Middle French toilette “a cloth, bag for clothes,” diminutive of toile “cloth, net” (see toil (n.2)). Sense evolution is to “act or process of dressing” (1680s); then “a dressing room” (1819), especially one with a lavatory attached; then “lavatory or porcelain plumbing fixture” (1895), an American euphemistic use. Toilet paper is attested from 1884 (the Middle English equivalent was arse-wisp).

Arse-wisp? Hilarious.

Side note — after a quick Google search I am reminded of participating long ago in a marketing focus group asking about toilet paper being replaced with pre-moistened squares like …Wet Ones. Good idea for the occasional messy potty visit, yes? But how the heck to market them?  Forget the fold over vs fold under debate they don’t fit on the roll.  It’s a big of a messy topic… the industry has been trying to sell the idea since 2001.

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  1. brucebblake permalink

    Event Babe sez wot…? 😉

    You are nothing if not prolific this week.

    THough I gotta say, I’m for more BBQ themed WTMD content and less White CLoud, but their marketing does seem very well done!

    Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 21:34:38 +0000 To:

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