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NYE with the Philadelphia Mummers

mummers parade

What’s a Mummer? After my first New Year’s Day Mummer’s Parade on January 1, 2013 I am still a little unclear but I had a ton of fun! A Philadelphia tradition since 1901 the Mummer’s Parade is every January 1 10Am to 6PM with 10,000 marchers.

Its mostly men some families some children and their costumes are so elaborate! Its a family tradition among South Philadelphians. Each ‘act’ is well rehearsed but the pace of the parade is a little slow. There are a few different sections of the parade; the Comics go first I think they are drunk from the night before, the Fancies with the best costumes, the String Bands are a group in which 80 percent play a string instrument — I saw 5 man sized cello players in fluffy fluffy fancy chick costumes and Fancy Strings
The costumes on EVERY person is incredible and just regular South Philly folk getting their costume on to kick off the new year…

The best advice I heard about the Mummers was from my friend JLS … Start early. These people are South Philly born and bred in Old School Vegas costumes -get prepared – everyone will do the Mummers Strut ….which is just white drunk people style marching!  Happy New Year!

I mustache more questions about these Mummers – see definition below

Mummers are truckers and longshoremen and businessmen and bookkeepers and everyday people who work hard at their day jobs. Membership means a year-round commitment. They raise money for their club, come up with themes, design and build costumes, props and floats, and practice, practice, and practice. A mummers club is a social club. Club members are a tight-knit group who treat fellow members like family. Members attend and participate in events throughout the year. There are softball leagues, banquets, fund-raisers, and other events. Many clubs perform at various functions throughout the year and are available for hire.

From the South Philly Vikings  n

This fact makes me want to host a Mummers vs Phanatic Dance Off on the Rocky Steps for January 1, 2014!

Patriotic Irish Frog Attack Hug

You know I like to be prepared!

You know I like to be prepared! This kind of event demands beer drinking

iphone2 016

A well deserved excellent – and warm – vantage point

iphone2 020

You gotta furry animal hat. I gotta furry animal hat. Let’s fall in love!


Fasting My Way to Thin – Palm Springs

Why does anyone live anywhere but San Diego I thought to myself as I got off the plane from Chicago on Saturday morning in early December. I was here for a visit with friends then a drive to Palm Springs for a week at a spa. Does it sound glamorous? Actually it is a juice fasting and spiritual retreat so that means no food for 7 days so the glamour factor diminishes and the need for a little rest and weightloss becomes the clear motivation. I meet up with my friends my favorite California former military couple and we head from the airport straight to …. a champagne tasting! Now this is my kind of juice fast kick off!

We go to a groovy, Mom and Pop wine store specializing in seldom heard of wines and low prices. As we walk in the door the first wine is Screw Kappa Napa – a wine valley red with the made-popular-by-the-Aussies screw cap. We wander to the back of the store to the tiny tasting room with about 12 other people and do-si-doe around the tiny room for our champagne tasting – delish. As an aside I am constantly fascinated with the military element in SD – in the same parking lot as the wine store was Boll Wevils Bar, home of the one pound steel burger – hmmm what sort of hunky military types are attracted to that little strip mall dive? I would love to spend hours with beers to find out!

We return to my friends house – where the living room and outdoor patio of slate stone flooring and slatted roof strewn with blooming flowers are the same size. Again, why does anyone live anywhere else? The three of us settle into the late afternoon with magazines to flip thought, chatter to chat, icy voldka cocktails while flipping between the TV Food Network and college football – heaven in some senses but wait it gets better! The massage therapist arrives and we each take a 90 minute turn on the cozy table for next to the fireplace in the upstairs master bedroom. The fact that we are all foodies and will only be dining on vegetables as we have been for the last three days to prep for the juice fast is a distant concern as I lie under the oily cozy massage sheet.

Sunday dawns and my travel partner is too dizzy from the all vegetable diet to do the drive to Palm Springs . I take the wheel and it is a beautiful drive with bright sun and lush plants and trees and the occasional wisp of Autumnal color – why doesn’t everyone live here? Then we hit some serious traffic on the 18 lane Highway 10 and I realize that everyone does live here and they are all people who believe in eating only vegetables and I remember that my brother sent me a Honeybaked ham for Christmas and it will be waiting for me when I get back to appropriately wintery Chicago and I know that when the spa week comes to an end I will go back to Chicago where turkey sausage is a fast.

As we drive we have plenty of time to wonder about what exactly we have signed up for – spiritual retreat/fast/colonics – what are the logistics? A colon ic? Enough said. Is Pinot Grigio juice part of the juice fast? Good thing I brought my friend Kathy one of the most laid back and accepting types you can find. Good thing also she is a woman of her word she says juice fast there will be no late night KFC visits so we’re in. We’re committed.

We drive through tony Palm Springs with its’ golf resorts and Indian reservation casinos and nice restaurants and miles of lux outlet shopping and we keep driving and driving then we take a left on a road that soon becomes dirt. We are trading sidelong glances and definitely checking the directions. This spa is in the Spa Finder Top Ten List – why is it on dirt road? Turns out the dirt road won’t matter because we spend the rest of the week in the little oasis of We Care. Yes, the name is We Care. It’s California everyone wants to live here – get over it.

The center of We Care Spiritual Retreat and Spa is a small building that over looks a very tiny po ol. The center has a front desk and a kitchen and a library and an internet station, a knot of overstuffed chairs for lounging. The main stage of the center is a marble bar/island. It all feels like partially someone’s house or a really nice individually owned Williams Sonoma. Each guest is given a We Care mug that is left in the community kitchen which contains all the various powders, pills, teas and juices for the 14 drinks each guests consumes over the course of a day. You might not be eating but you are very busy downing the drinks. There are twice daily pills and powder greens providing nutrients – they taste like liquid grass. Remember, starving is no food where the body is in distress and fasting is providing the body with nutrients but no solid food so the digestive system can rest itself. Additionally, the fasting allows you to examine your daily relationship with food. There is so much real and physiographic time in a day where the when/where/what of the three squares a day are not being continuously debated.

The property itself is contained but each space is very private. There are villas a few yards away from20the main center and rooms off the pool. Every room seems to be a bit personalized and very cozy. The beds are comfy and the maid service is excellent. Oddly all the towels and lines smell delicious as does everything else. The Juice Fast Types are of course aromatherapy enthusiasts! Each room has a small secluded patio with a comfy chaise. Every room comes stocked with a few books on natural healing and the ubiquitous rock salt lamp regulating the ions without damaging the ozone. I generally feel the ions are good wherever I am but I am not particularly sensitive.

The second element of fasting is elimination; the colonic. Let’s just be clinical it’s a narrow water tube and a larger waste tube inserted to fill and empty your small and large intestines. It is done very much like any other spa treatment. Think about it wrapping yourself in seaweed is not a little gross? You and the clinician can watch the expellant as it rolls through the larger tube and the rule is the blacker the better for evidence of successful de-toxing. You feel bloated at the ‘fill’ portion and slightly self absorbed at the other en d. I mean there are better things going on in the world than literally this crap. Oddly, I keep hearing my grandmother old admonishment for the self centered ‘he thinks his shit doesn’t stink”.

The other pills and powders you consume all day are ‘cleaning” your insides. There are teas that are detoxing your kidneys, liver and blood – they taste like old broth. Twice a day you drink fiber to aid the elimination and at about drink 7 you have a cup of organic vegetable juice – it looks a little brown and tastes like celery and carrots. Excitingly enough at drink 12 you have warm organic vegetable soup. It’s one warmed pureed vegetable. You can add garlic or cayenne powder – hmmmm delish! We have taken to skipping any food commercials on TV but I don’t feel hungry. The constant influx of liquid and various portions keep you full. There is a little hunger maybe mid or end of the day but it is discomfort on the level with mile 4 of a 6 mile run – gut it out or ignore you are doing something good for yourself and your system. On day two20I did notice that I washed my face and brushed my teeth (and tongue!) twice in the morning to really feel clean. This release is part of the elimination and I am promised glowing skin by the end process.

There are other elements available to add the cleaning and elimination process. A detox bath that you do in your own private bathroom it is a ginger smelling powder you put in a bath hot enough to make you perspire. I just felt like a Chinese soup but it is said that the skin as the largest organ is very powerful for moving toxins from your system. Each guest is given a digestive massage which is simply and 20 minute belly rub with oil. I tried purring but no one thought I was funny. There is a sauna and a hot tub as heat relaxes the muscles and allows your system to release toxins. Finally, one is encouraged to jump on the mini-trampoline prior to a colonic to use good old gravity motivate the the dirt lined colon; I never did get to try this I would rather be ginger soup or a hot tub lounger.

There is a bit of a cult element here in Juice Fast World. The centers founder speaks a few times a week about the 7 Principle of Good Digestion. The colon is described as the second brain which might have some merit in that it runs the all important digestive system. (This, of course, prompts the question; is the colon the second or third brain for men? ) There is a class with a shaman and yoga and healing work and a labrynth and a sculpture representing gravity from the Burning Man Festival. We have skipped a lot of those. The resort only houses 17 guests. There are young pretty women in their yoga pants and flip flops, there are Glam-Ma’s with their Guicci glasses and spa-ready wardrobe, a few very fit looking men and even one Hollywood star with a current role on network television and a former recurrent role on Beverly Hills 90210 – Lindsay Price from Lipstick Jungle if you must know!

The rest of the day is spent relaxing. It is a beautiful dessert setting. As we walked the quarter mile walking path at the base of the mountains of Joshua Tree National Park I suggested a higher elevation hike through the mountains and I was roundly turned down20in favor of more chaise lounge reading. Some people experience some flu like discomfort or low energy; I felt good through the process but with an endless supply of warm sunshine, beautiful vistas, books, free wi-fi and 800 satellite television channels it seems difficult to not be happy and relax.

But frankly I could use a grilled cheese

The Bat Wedding – OMD

Memorial Day a few years ago I was hired as a Day of Event Wedding Coordinator.  Does it pay? Great I’m there.. Wonderful!

At the time I was basically am unclear on my responsibilities but I can think on my feet so let’s go.  I wander into the Women’s Club of Evanston is a community run beautiful old historic home in the heart of leafy Northwestern University college town Evanston Illinois.


I wander in to discover it is a Jewish wedding – probably should have caught that when I was hired to do the Bluestein/Jacobson wedding but alas now I am on the scene day before the wedding and no MD research prep has been done and we are swinging into rehearsal of the ceremony. Mazel tov!


I literally recall faking my way through a ‘what wine, rabbi? And wondering why we needed hummus holders… CHUPPA holders – yes, yes – stand here please.   I can be bossy even when I have no idea what the vocabulary is!

Next day Rabbi shows up- it’s his second wedding he has performed – he’s like a 30 year old cross between Jesus and Elvis – long hair – groovy hottie – looks like he biked on over to the wedding with his suit in his messenger bag.   At one point I try to pick what I think is lint off his leg – nope that’s the prayer shawl.  I was vaguely thinking about hitting on him until he forgot his bible DURING THE CEREMONY and had to go to the back of the room during the wedding and into the closet, in the messenger bag to get the BIBLE while the couple is under the chuppa waiting for him to…. you know read from the bible.   I obviously forgot to remind the Rabbi he needed the bible but I feel that was out of my purview me being Catholic and all.


Immediately following the ceremony a few of the guests asked me where the smoking section was so I asked the Women’s Club of Evanston docent lady who responded ‘no where near the building – due to the oil paintings’ she said in a ominous whisper with a knowing nod.   I was thinking if we promise we won’t use the paintings as ash trays
can the people smoke on the front steps?”  But I have a keep-the docent-like-chicks-happy policy so I whispered an ‘of course” and moved on.

Everything goes pretty well – they get married. Before the ceremony I do lots of knowing head nodding myself directing guests to chairs. I vaguely am trying to piece together who’s who in the multiple divorce family tree and the only one you can ever really spot out of the gate is the new wife. The seating of the glamorous step mother of the groom took a 12 person quorum.   Post ceremony I do lots of cheery drill sergeant
screaming so none of of the big wedding players leave the porch where the wedding photos will be taken.

Excellent.  I keep the groovy first wife mother of the groom with a bottomless
glass of chardonnay and far away from the said step mother of the groom.
There’s a member of the wedding party dressed in a man’s white suit.  The
groomsmen are in black tuxes.  The bridesmaids are in apple green. Yep apple green cocktail dresses- looks best when grouped with several other apple green cocktail dresses.  Then we have an extra person in a white suit.  I piece it
together by the end of the night – it’s the bride’s only sister: the lesbian.
But for the majority of the group photo directives I just tried to skip using gender or
pronouns – not the easiest thing to do.  How many times can you say ‘you all’ ‘yous guys’ and point your finger without being unprofessional?   But I don’t want to call the wrong lady lady so vague pet names – ‘wedding partiers – this way!” it is.

The guests go into the to the reception – except for the cake that looks like it was spray
painted pink by a Cindy Lauper in 1982 – the cake has to stay outside in its neon glory. All is well.  For grace there is the Challah bread prayer- mid blessing the rabbi needs to bless a glass of wine which – surprise he doesn’t have.  Why bring a bible to the ceremony? Why bring wine to the toast?  Meanwhile the blessing is followed by the champagne toast so only champagne has been served- there is not a glass of wine to be found.  I said to the Rabbi I thought sparkling wine made the prayer more festive but that didn’t fly with Rock and Roll Rabbi.  All of sudden he’s a stickler for what kind of alcohol he blesses – an Irish priest would bless Nyquil if that’s all we had.


With all guests awaiting the toast with eyes to the head table with me lurching loudly behind it I steal a basically empty greasy from fried food from the cocktail reception glass of wine from the girlfriend an usher and practically toss it to the Rabbi for the blessing – excellent! We can eat now!

Everyone is seated.  The DJ is playing.  I look around the vaulted ceiling ballroom I think things are good.  Wait, why are plates going back to the kitchen?  Yep a couple of chicken dinners were underdone – of course, one of the – let’s use the
word – raw – chicken dinners is set in front of the father of the bride.  I am brainstorming responses to words like Avian flu or salmonella. It was just a rare mistake – Pat the catering chef fixed the plates and gave them a discount and the parents of the bride were pretty well recovered from being upset by the whole deal by the end.

Meanwhile at the reception – just as I am relaxing.  Counting about 3 more hours
of reception time noting happily that noone is getting to drunk.   Steping away to take a load off my high heels I return to the ballroom and there high high above the 150 guests swooping and flying and diving repeat diving is yes a bat. a BAT.   I look to my left and walking purposefully over to me is the father of the bride.  “So what are we going to do”  I think to myself oh one moment let me go to my event planner bag and get my anti-bat serum that I carry with me at all times just for moments like this!


I look to my right and predictably but yikes – the groomsmen are keystone cops trying to capture or run off the bat. Picture a groomsman standing on a chair using his tuxedo jacket to swat at a bat winging its way through those beautiful vaulted ceilings. After a few tense minutes the bat flies to the entry hallway.   Sounds good except all the guests need to exit through the entryway.  Problem. Having no idea I started with calling the police who sent me to Animal Control – who literally just laughed.


So how did it end? The kid from the catering company who was washing dishes came out and trapped the bat with a pot and the guests just walked around it. It all turned out fine but what a hoot!

This Ohioan Went Surfing in San Diego

While staying in Solana Beach – a little beachside town North of San Diego I decide to surf.  I borrow a friend’s old school SUV which this Cali couple use as doggie transporter. I hop in the driver’s seat and am in heaven. Roll down the windows, turn up the radio and channel my inner Cali girl which results in blonde moment mix up on which beach to find and my true inner city girl starts having a fit at my tardiness for the $80 hour lesson. You wouldn’t be late for a massage I growl to myself.  I pull into the beach parking a bit displeased with myself then an older groovy coupled pulled alongside me and said ‘hey – there’s still time on our meter, honey, just roll on back.”  Yes!  Hello attitude adjustment.  Thank you, Calfornia!

Trying to find my surf instructor somewhere along the Pacific I was told this is the ‘coolest sport ever!” by some young surf tweens and from the sheer volume of wet suited kids of all ages it sure as well must be.   I trek up the beach and weave in and out of all kinds of folks participating in all kinds of beach fun and I find Andrew from Fulcrum Surf School. If I went to a sketch artist and described my perfect college guy surf instructor – it would have been exactly Andrew.  Tan, blonde as Brooke Shields’ lover in Blue Lagoon, perfect hairless surf hardened chest and back were all exactly as I would have conjured up.   However I could not have imagined more perfectly sparklingly blue eyes.  I greet him and I get the Cali -‘hey – cool ”   head nod.   I tried not to go Golden Retriever on him and say I love you too fast.

I would move to California and pay the ridiculous beach town real estate prices for the sole reason of living next door to Andrew.  Its not X-rated I just want to drink my morning coffee and watch him put on his wetsuit then walk up the street to the beach.  Yep he grew up a few blocks from the beach and probably went from diapers to board shorts.   At one point he told me surfing was just like skateboarding. Great umm how is this helpful?  What about me says – I shred it on skateboards?

There were other instructors.  The only word I heard the one long haired Hawaiian looking guy say was ‘hey’.  The other dude looked like his name was Wheatgrass and he said stuff like  “Imagine the wave as your twelfth chakra and the board near near your third eye”

Not Andrew, he put a board on the sand and did a few repetitions of the move you should use to stand up and that was about it.  He had to repeat it because I had no idea what he said the first three times. I was admiring his perfectly wet suited ass and wondering if I would like the house next door to where Andrew lives. Finally I tell my inner cougar to cool it and realize that is one athletic looking move he is using to go from laying facedown to balanced standing.  A move I am going to have to replicate on fast moving water so I start to pay attention.   Lay down on the board. Cup your hands to paddle. Get your large wet suited seal like ass out to the part where the waves aren’t breaking. Catch a wave. Arch your back. Get to your knees. Stand up.  Cool

During the next part of the lesson we stood around and squinted at the waves.  The gloom and fog hadn’t yet been burned off by the sun so the water and sky were still gray and we scowled at them. While you do this you also cross your arms and pace a little bit. Then I figured out the instructors were assessing the waves and sizing up my pansy level.  It was rough surf and crazy currents so they are asking themselves if I can handle it and wondering how much of hassle is it going to be to drag me and a heavy foam surf board out there and more importantly back?   I immediately declare that I am a strong swimmer and had been a lifeguard.  I failed to mention that my Baywatchery was at a suburban pool twenty years ago whose depth was 6 feet or less.  Pretty much the whole response to a water crisis would have been to yell ‘stand up!”  but there was a whistle and the tshirt said GUARD so I am going to claim  it and we hit the water.

Here’s what surfing really is; paddle, paddle, paddle, forceful bucketful of salt water to the face. Repeat.

We make it the ‘outside’ about 200 yards offshore beyond where the waves are breaking.   I paddled most of the time and stayed on my board. Win.   Andrew pushes me into my first wave and promises me that I will know when the wave takes me. He’s right!  Even the first time it is an awesome feeling of being on top of the wave as it takes you. I put forth some kind of effort to try and at the very least not be laying face down on the surf board.   I fall. More correctly I smack ass down and tumble through the very fast white water. What the what? Yikes!  In my very own Greg Brady moment something hits me near my ear.  I am not sure if it was the board or the leash cord or Poseidon himself wringing my next for attempting to outmaneuver nature.   Andrew asks how I am and I bark some kind of non-verbal response.  Now I am dressed like a seal and sound like one.

Paddle, paddle, paddle, forceful bucketful of salt water to the face. Repeat.

I try again and magic.  Andrew confirmed the wave was taller than I was and I rode it surprisingly all the way in! If you call clinging to the board on all fours on top of the water surfing then I surfed!  Quick high five to Andrew then

Paddle, paddle, paddle, forceful bucketful of salt water to the face. Repeat.

We only caught three waves that first day but I dragged my seabeaten ass back to Andrew and the beach the next day to try again.   It was just Andrew and I and one board so he would help push me into waves and I caught about a dozen of them and rode… kinda.   My success was somewhere between the soles of my feet never touched the board for longer than thirty seconds and I did not lay down the whole time on any wave.   Not bad!

Paddle, paddle, paddle, forceful bucketful of salt water to the face. Repeat


Ten Courses at Addisons at the Grand del Mar San Diego

Addison at the Grand del Mar

Southern California’s only Five-Star/Five Diamond restaurant.Image

This restaurant is FANCY.  Not nice steak place. Not just white table cloths.  I mean super chef uber fancy.    There’s no salt or pepper on the table because everything is already perfectly seasoned as it should be.   Think French Laundry.  Think Charlie Trotter.  Celebrating the Dr Fancy Birthday Dinner we did a tasting menu chosen and created entirely by Chef.

I have no idea who Chef is but these Californians spoke of him in hushed tones. Meanwhile Dr Fancy is my lovely funny hard working medical mission super hero anesthesiologist sister who has the energy, imagination, playfulness and energy to just exactly when the moment inspires make champagne appear or when the occasion demands brings into being terrific weekends!

For the price of a substantial car payment on a really nice car we held foodie court in a gigantic corner booth of Addison’s and were served ten courses over three hours.  Via ballet service which means the plates are placed in front of all guests at the same time in a silent – tada!  This type of wait service can be very elegant with a foursome or more and is very posh but when it’s bestowed upon two irreverent sisters it is just multiple opportunities to tease the staff!  PS- no one thinks its funny if you keep asking what the calves name was!

So here’s the menu.

Amuse Bouche

Verjus Consomme with Golden Raisins and Champagne Grapes

This was a eight inch in diameter plate/bowl with a two inch depression in the middle holding a quarter cup of green grape juice with four golden raisins and six champagne grapes floating in it. No they will not serve it by someone in a California raisin costume next time nor will they sing “I heard it through the Grapevine” while they serve it.   Yes delish and very bright and a beautiful palate cleanser but I feel for the cheflings who had to peel the grapes to get the grape juice!  Not a juice box.

First Course

Kona Kampachi with Avocado, Caviar and Lemon

Kona Kampachi is the ‘fois gras of the sea”  Who knew? It put any sushi I have ever had to shame and each of the three baby fish pieces were nestled in this creamy deliciousness of creamy thick rich deliciousness with some artful pyramids of caviar crowned with a touch of gold leaf.  First course = gold leaf. Bring it.

Second Course

Gorgeorongeroner …

Ok I got that name wrong but it was a little round poof of puff pasty like choux dough mixed with mascarpone cheese and sherry.  What a delightful little doughy cheesey fancy mouthful.   Yes, a mouthful l – we were given delightfully strict instructions to eat in one bite – to avoid any possibility of staining our gowns!  I think my Kardashian inspired flow-y for the food overload maxi dress could handle a mishap but I have rarely needed permission to eat to big a bit of dough.

Third Course

Alaskan King Crab

Forget crab with a K and thank you to whoever risked his Deadliest Catch existent to bring me these two beautiful strips of crab and thank you to whoever poached them in butter!

Fourth Course

Salmon Rot Aug Buerre Doux

There were two bowls one holding a cut of salmon and a matching much smaller bowl holding elegantly carved fruits like Asian pear -the uninitiated might call them melon balls but they were much fancier and when you paired (or pear-ed if you will) the fruits with the salmon it brightened the salmon taste.

Fifth Course

Ris de Veau

Sweet breads!  Crispy on the outside and brainy on the inside – this is one delicious way to consume baby calf!   Move over, Anthony Hopkins – I am a brainiac!  There was some kind of perfectly prepared bed of capers. At this point the sides are becoming fuzzy in my remembrance.  I have downed a Pomegranate martini served to to me by a very handsome person I called Tray Man because he served things on a tray.  He seemed delighted however the guy with the hollow loop cufflinks which I observed could not be reworked into bikini ornaments because your hip fat would get imprints did not think I was funny and just poured that Sauvignon Blanc and ran.

Sixth Course

Glazed Wagyu of Short Rib

Braised for 36 hours – 34 being short and 37 woefully too long I imagine. Beautiful. Wagyu beef comes from very special cows that I imagine to be raised in very special fields while maidens sing them folk songs and swarthy stable boys massage their sides so that the meat they provide upon the plate is so tender.  This course came with this dark glossy thick sauce that is poured by two more servers after the two plate servers actually serve the plate! That’s a lot of staff for three ounces of beef.  Actually beef so delish well worth the fuss!

Seventh Course

Artisian Cheese Course

You have my attention when any kind of cart is rolled my way.  The desert cart being the most obvious of course but a Caesar salad set up or guacamole pestle on wheels gets me going, too.   Admittedly, I am particularly nose twitchingly moustastically excited to see a cheese tray.   These seven cheese were gloriously presented on chilled marble under museum quality glass and the handsome and restrained waiter was able to give a small descriptive rendition of each cheese and its history while not in iambic pentameter I thought the cheese introductions had a certain lilt however – full disclosure I was on my second delish and crisp Sauvignon Blanc so everything was sounding very good.  Seven tiny bits of cheese – classic, creamy, hard, aged, veined and blue – delish

Eighth Course

Raspberry Sorbet

How do they get the sorbet perfectly shaped like a berry little three dimensional diamond?  I bet that all raspberries secretly hope to become sorbet.   My palate is cleansed and thrilled.

Ninth Course

Crème Fraiche with Glazed apricots and rose

All I can recall is a perfect tiny edible baby pink rose petal and the perfect texture of the teeny bits of glazed apricots.

Tenth Course

Brownie a la Mode Sour Cherry Marmalade

A final delish disk of perfect chocolate brownie served on a chilled thick glass plate dotted with  magical sour cherry almost liquid almost solid globes which were of course the deepest and prettiest scarlet color.

The meal ended with a printed menu signed by the chef, a small revisit to a sisterly debate over a stolen chocolate torte from a past magnificent dinner then a black sedan back to the main hotel and hot tub dip with a Night Night Amstel Light and a breakfast the next day of the chocolate covered Oreo cookies the Grand del Mar leaves in lieu of mints.

Yes, please!